Sponsorship Opportunities

Global AppSec Events provide unique opportunities for members, the community, and partners to connect and discover new InfoSec products and solutions. The OWASP Foundation offers several options to potential sponsors:

If you are interested in becoming a Corporate or Single Event Sponsor, please contact [email protected] for more information.

Single Event Sponsorships

Level & Benefits Emerald Sapphire Ruby
AppSec Events Single event only Single event only Single event only
Expo Space 30’x10’ 10’x10’ 8’x6’
Conference Passes Six Four Two
Logo on Event website Yes Yes Yes
Lead Scanners Two Yes No
Cost € 22,000 € 10,500 € 6,500

Corporate Sponsorship Packages

Level & Benefits Diamond Platinum Gold Silver
AppSec Events All Global and Three Regional All AppSec and Two Regional Two AppSec and One Regional One AppSec and One Regional
Expo Space 8’x6’ 8’x6’ 8’x6’ 8’x6’
Conference Passes Three Three Three Three
Logo on Event website Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lead Scanner Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cost $120,000 $80,000 $45,000 $25,000
Additional Benefits        
Discounted Passes 50% Full Conference 50% Full Conference 20% Full Conference 20% Full Conference
Training Passes 10 Seats 10 Seats 10 Seats 2 Seats
On-Site Training 10 Days 5 Days None None
Recognition on website Bio and Logo Bio and Logo Bio and Logo Bio and Logo
Press Release Yes Yes Yes Yes
Discounted Corporate Membership Yes Yes Yes Yes

Corporate Sponsorships have twelve months of benefits from the date payment is received.

Sapphire sponsors

Ruby sponsors

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